Dear Traveler:

Today I booked three tours for my Bucket List trip to the Caribbean. I locked my flights in last weekend and I have been trying to finalize everywhere that I want to visit on my 10 week holiday this week to take advantage of the discounts available at the Travel Expo this week. So far I have saved over $1000 by doing this so I am pretty happy.

The plan at this stage is to fly from Melbourne to Cancun airport where I will have 10 nights in Mexico to relax and explore. Whether I split my time in a few areas or stay in the one place (Playa Del Carmen?) is yet to be decided.

From there I fly to Havana Cuba where after a few nights on my own I will be joining G Adventures on their 1 week Sail Cuba Itinerary. Followed by a 1 week tour of the mainland with Intrepid.

The day that my tour in Cuba ends I fly back to Cancun to join my second Intrepid tour. This one is a 16 day trip from Mexico to Guatemala via Belize and will tick off one of the places on my Bucket List: The Blue Hole in Belize and Caye Caulker.

From there I am hoping to fly to Roatan, Panama and Jamaica before heading back to Mexico City for another 6 days with my friend Luis. With 3 and a half weeks for this portion I should be able to relax and explore each area.

Then I have 4 nights in Anaheim on the way home for an obligatory Disneyland visit on my birthday.

I am nervous but excited, this will be my longest trip yet and the longest that I have traveled on my own for. It is hard to say which part I am looking forward to the most, hopefully it is all amazing!



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