Cuba Sailing

First allow me to get the negatives out of the way:

The boat is small, well its big for a Catamaran but small for 14 ppl to live on board for a week.  So you won’t have a lot of options for privacy. Especially as you are usually sharing a cabin. 

The cabins are small. Especially when people bring large suitcases, theres just no room for them.  My case lived for the week outside my cabin with just my essentials inside with me.  Others had theirs squashed under the ladder or slept around their cases on the bed. This only worked for those on the bottom bunk though. 

The top bunk (my bunk) was smaller than the bottom and because of the curve of the boat you could not lie straight in bed, it was too small. I eventually found a strange looking position where I would wedge myself into the corner of the bed and could sleep with a slightly bent waist but straight legs with my feet only just hanging off of the bed.

Its not quiet. Remember: small boat / 14 people. On top of the noise of the other guests and staff there was the water pump and the motor which ran at times.

The bathrooms are small and when you use the shower everything in the bathroom gets wet. Including toilet paper if you don’t put it in the cupboard before you shower. 

The toilets are pump action. This isnt too bad actually, unless your roommate doesn’t listen how to use them properly and doesn’t flick the switch after using it which means everything comes back up into the bowl again.  (Not a pleasant smell for the first 2 days.)

Its sunny and there’s not a lot of shade. The shade that is there is deceptive too. I spent the whole first day lying in it with sunscreen on and still got burnt. 

Its salty. I would wash clothes and peg them to the side to dry and the waves as we move meant I’d come back to find little dried salt flakes on them.  Also on my skin after rough waters with lots of spray.

The rough waters.  Left a few people feeling sick a bit of the time. 

Speaking of feeling sick after a week living on a boat I got land sickness when I got off and it took me 3 days to stop feeling like I was still on waves. 

Now that I have those points out of the way let me tell you slit how amazing the whole experience was and how I would do it again in a heartbeat:

The view! Wow what a way to wake up.  What a way to sit and eat meals. Water so blue and in varying shades to make an artist weep for joy.  Being treated to amazing skies as thunderstorms rolled past in the distance and spectacular sunsets at the end of the day.

The activities!  You might think that a week on a boat could get boring. It was definitely relaxing however the crew made sure to fill the day with plenty of optional activities, from snorkelling, kayaking, beach walks, mangrove tours, impromptu costume parties and more.

The food! Not only was the seafood often freshly caught (fish and lobster) but the chef was great at making everything taste delicious.  Even a simple pasta salad.

The Wildlife! Plenty of snorkelling stops gave time to see fish and turtles and lots of reeflike. Dolphins joined us at times while we sailed playing in the water off of the bow. Stops on local beaches gave us plenty of access to Iguanas and even a cute local giant tree rat with big whiskers called a Jutia. The absolute highlight of the trip was having the opportunity to help release baby turtles though.

The prices! All of the food was already included in the price so it was only drinks we had to pay for.  Cocktails were only 2cuc ($3aud) and delicious. 

The people! I was absolutely blessed in the group that I had.  The staff were amazing and the other travellers too. There were no dramas and everyone was friendly and welcoming. 


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