San Ignacio

I think that these two nights of the tour were designed for people to visit the ATM cave. Which every one did on the tour except for me. 

As an experienced caver in my youth I didn’t feel the draw that everyone else did to the subterranean tour. Instead I decided to explore town after my first sleep in for a few weeks. It didn’t take long being a smaller town though I did pay a visit to the local market and scored a great new dress and skirt within 5 minutes. Winning!

One of the first things that I did was run into a fellow Aussie at the smoothie bar. He was travelling I  the opposite direction to me so we spent some time swapping tips on where we had been and where the other was going. Then I mentioned my plans to visit the Iguana Sanctuary in town and he decided to join. 

The Sanctuary was incredible.  Once I got past the Banana Spiders at the door that is. 

To start with our guide explained the purpose of the sanctuary to breed and release Green Iguanas back into the wild.  Then he introduced us to some of the bigger tenants. After this he rustled up some Banana Palm leaves which was lunch for the hungry reptiles. They came running to snack on the leaves while we held them. 

Next we got to meet the babies. They were fluro green and very cute. They clung onto our clothing and skin like they had glue on their feet.  When they moved they ticked something shocking and once they’d been taken off of us we could still feel them tickling for several minutes

After a light lunch of corn chips and salsa we decided to do as the locals do and took a dip in the river to cool down.  The current was super strong and I needed to stay close to the edge so that I didn’t get swept away. 

That night there was a band in the square. One of the first things if noticed arriving into town was that there was a local election being promoted.  Whether the band had anything to do with that or it was just regular Saturday night festivities I have no idea. I do know that we could all hear the band very clearly from our hotel rooms next to the square and I think more than one of us was happy when they finished up at 10pm.


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